“Beautifully lyrical music….”
Peter Donnelly “Il Tempo Passa”, The Mercury January 19th 2011. Read the full review here.
Premiere of Il Tempo Passa performed by Michael Lampard, Karen Smithies and Jo St Leon at the Baha’i centre in Hobart as part of MONA FOMA 2011.

“The highlight was Matthew Dewey’s Symphony No. 1 for string Orchestra – a beautifully crafted and deeply moving work in which the composer’s fine melodic sense and talent for orchestration are clearly demonstrated.”
Carolyn Philpott “Locally grown music showed our wealth of talent”, The Mercury May 20th 2008.
Premiere of Symphony No. 1 for string Orchestra by the Hobart Chamber Orchestra, Hobart Town Hall.

“Lyrical and Dramatic”
Peter Donnelly “The Buzz of the Sea”, The Mercury October 16th 2008.
Premiere of The Buzz of the Sea by Michael Lampard and Karen Smithies, Meadowbank Estate.

“A highlight for me was the aria from Matthew Dewey’s chamber opera The Buzz of the Sea, dramatically sung by Michael Lampard.”
Peter Donnelly “New works, Tasmanian delights”, The Mercury September 27th 2008.
Madness aria from the chamber opera The Buzz of the Sea performed by Michael Lampard and Karen Smithies.

“….presented with additional interludes by Matthew Dewey – two beautiful melodies played by Jabrah Latham.”
Elizabeth Ruthven “Sublime program in perfect setting”, The Mercury September 17th 2008.
Premiere of Interludes for Alto saxophone by Jabrah Latham.

“A piano mood-scape tinkles and light refracts from shiny surfaces…. Above our heads an advertising sign reads, “Capture the Spirit”, as Wilson navigates her way through, under and over worlds, seeking, searching, and trying to link with her lost mother. Tik-tokking traffic lights and frenetic ‘safe to walk’ pitches are amplified and echo through Matthew Dewey’s sound score.”
Sue Moss “Out of the Underworld – Sue Moss witnesses lucy wilson’s ascent”, Real Time issue #78 April-May 2007 pg. 36.
Premiere of “underwhere”, Lucy Who Productions in Hobart (2007).

“Five members of the Christopher Gordon Choir sang two songs by Matthew Dewey – the rather rhapsodic Hobart in the Park, replete with crooner-style lyricism, and the watery-wavey High Tide.”
David Gyger “Much puzzlement compromised fine sing”, Opera Opera August 2006.
Premiere of “Compass” by the Christopher Gordon Choir (part of the Syndey Childrens Choir), Vebrugghen Hall, Sydney.

“It is fitting a modern “Marvelous Boy”, Hobart Composer Matthew Dewey, tells his story.”
“…a fine ear for vocal writing….”
“….beautiful embryonic ideas in this score where haunting medieval echoes merge with minimalist repetition”

Elizabeth Bailes “‘Marvelous boy’ born again“, The Saturday Mercury September 17th 2005.
“The Death of Chatterton”, Workshop premiere, IHOS Music Theater Laboratory. read more about The Death of Chatterton >

“[The] use of a two-man percussion ensemble to underline and, at times, even carry the tense mood was inspired.”
Wal Eastman “Darkest drama, what a splendid version” The Mercury June 15th 2005. “Macbeth”, Hobart Repertory Society.

“Matthew Dewey’s evocative original music added to the power of this drama.”
David Walsh, 15th March 2005. “The One Day of the Year”, Old Nick.

Print Media Interviews

The Composer: Architect of Emotional Experience interview with Mary Anderson for Stock, December 29 2008.

Radio Interviews

ABC Radio National
Interview 3rd July 2009

ABC National Interview 03072009

7ZR ABC Hobart – 936 AM
Interview 19th August 2009

ABC Hobart – Russian Recordings – 19.08.09

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