Matthew Dewey’s Orchestral Suite No.1.

Anonymous commission, composed for the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra. Recording premiere by the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Alexey Oestrov, Moscow Radio House, 27th June 2009. (3 Movements) (2,2,2,2)(4,2,3,1)Timp(Strings)

Duration: 17’00” approx

Notable Recordings/Performances
Recorded by the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra, please click here for details.

Program Notes
Each movement of the orchestral suite describes an image of the Tasmanian landscape that I had in my head at the time of writing: the first, the wild rocky southern coastline of Tasmania with seas pounding against the cliffs; the second, the beautiful Broad River in Southern Tasmania on a summers day; and the third, mist rising from lake St. Claire to reveal the surrounding mountains.

This piece was recorded by the Russian Philharmonic in Moscow in 2009 as part of a privately funded project to record a disk of Matthew’s orchestral music. View details of the album “Echoes“.

Orchestral Suite No.1, Mvt 1 (Full w/ images of recording) – Performed by the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra

If you are interested in obtain score and parts for this work, please refer to the catalogue for purchase and hire links.

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