***As broadcast on ABC Classic FM***

The Czech National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Jan Kučera perform Matthew Dewey’s grand Symphony No.2 “ex Oceano”. Ocean scientists understand that the world’s Ocean provides something extraordinary, on scales almost beyond the mind’s grasp – an interaction between ocean, atmosphere and land that supports all life. ex Oceano is a collaboration between different disciplines and different understandings. Ocean scientists expressed their science to a composer: the composer expressed that science back to them in sonic form – through the making of a symphony.

Matthew Dewey

Echoes Track List
1 – Symphony No.2 (ex Oceano) – I
2 – Symphony No.2 (ex Oceano) – II
3 – Symphony No.2 (ex Oceano) – III
4 – Symphony No.2 (ex Oceano) – IV

Album Cover
The image used for the album artwork is by the amazing Sue Anderson and is used with permission.