Liminality is a concept album that explores the quality of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs in the middle stage of rituals, when a participant is not what they were, and is not yet what they will become.

The music is made up exclusively of sounds recorded by the composer and has been mixed into a seamless 40min ambient musical experience, which is at once symphonic in scope and beautiful to the ear.

Available for download only.
Matthew Dewey

Track List
1 – Prelude: Dead Tone Music
2 – Liminal I-IV
3 – Liminal V
4 – Liminal VI-IX
5 – Liminal X
6 – Postlude: Liminality

Album Cover
The photo used for the album artwork is by the amazing photographer JD Hancock and is used under an Attribution 2.0 Generic Creative Commons licence.

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