Commission Some Music

Commission Some Music

Do you need some music written for your project, ensemble or event? Let’s talk about what music you would like!

About Me
My name is Matthew Dewey, I’m a composer and music director. I’m regularly commissioned to compose works for recordings, theatre, film and the concert platform. My music has been played at a number of international arts festivals including Cannes Film Festival, MONA FOMA, Adelaide Fringe and at venues including the Lincoln Centre in New York and the Moscow Radio House (by the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra). You can read all about what I’ve done here or listen to samples of my work here.

My Qualifications
I have three degrees:
– Bachelor of Music (Composition) from the University of Tasmania
– Master of Music Technology from the University of Newcastle
– Master of Business Administration (International) from Deakin University

How I Make a Living
In addition to my freelance work as a composer, I am extremely lucky to work as Music Director for Australia’s national classical music broadcaster, ABC Classic FM. As Music Director I am responsible for all music broadcast at the station, from commissioning recording of state orchestras to deciding on the album of the week. It’s a great job! Between my composing and radio work I live a very stimulating and active musical life.

What I can do
As this website suggests, I am both a composer and a producer. What this means is that I can compose, orchestrate, arrange, copy, typeset, conduct, contract artists, manage project teams, organise and produce recordings. Sometimes I am hired to write music only, sometimes to consult, sometimes I’m hired to write, contract musicians and record.

What kind of projects am I interested in?
My interests are very broad. I am interested in writing music for film, opera, concert/live music (especially for orchestras, chamber ensembles, solo artists, bands of any type – you name it), theatre, computer games, advertisements, weddings, corporate events and more. Do you have an ensemble or an instrument that suffers from a lack of repertoire? Do you need a theme for your wedding or a musical identity for your marketing campaign? Talk to me.

My Musical Philosophy
I believe that the currency of music is emotion, and that at it’s best, it communicates with the listener on a completely intuitive level – without need of justification or context. Music with this strength only grows in potency when placed in the right context (i.e. film, theatre etc).

How I Work
I collaborate with a lot of different people across a broad range of projects. Because every project is different, my approach is necessarily flexible. Some people are quite prescriptive about what they want, others are a little more free forming – either way, the aim is produce the best product for your needs and I will work with you to make sure that happens.

Click here to read some testimonials written by people I have worked with.

“I don’t know how much this will cost”
I am more than happy to provide you with an obligation free itemised quote for services.

If you are a musician interested in having a piece written for them but do not have any funds for a commission – please send an email as it might be possible to broker some other agreement.

What do I do next?
Please write to me. It doesn’t matter if your idea is not fully formed, just send me an email and we’ll talk. Often there are simple solutions to make projects come to fruition.

The best way to contact me is to send me an email to