Ocean Symphony Taster!

Check out the first sample of my Symphony No. 2 “Ex Oceano” , the Ocean Symphony. Recorded in Prague during September of 2013.

ex Oceano – we are from the ocean – the ocean sustains us from Nick Roden on Vimeo.

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The Making of a Symphony – Visit the project home at the Lynchpin website.
Symphony of Science – An article in the Australian Antarctic Magazine, Issue 25: December 2013
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Symphony No.2: To be recorded in Prague by the Czech National Symphony

Some very exciting news: My Symphony No.2 that was commissioned by Lynchpin will be recorded by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra at the Rudolfinum concert hall in Prague!!

This is the large collaborative science/arts project that I have been alluding to for some time. I have now been working with with PhD candidates Nick Roden and Rob Johnston (Profiles below) for nearly two years in pulling together the science that has informed the composition of this large scale composition.

A Ring of Promise
“A Ring of Promise” © SJ Anderson
watercolour pigment, carbon – in the form of charcoal and liquid graphite – on paper.

Centered around the topic of ‘the other CO2 problem’ – ocean acidification – and linked with the vital role of phytoplankton in planetary metabolism, this is an extensive creative venture in sound and image through which we want to generate a different experience of ocean science.

Please read more about the project and Lynchpin at the Lynchpin website.

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James Morrison, Julian Bliss and the QSO perform Dewey

The Queensland Symphony Orchestra and Queensland Music Festival have jointly commissioned Australian composer Matthew Dewey to write an exhilarating work for James Morrison (trumpet) and Julian Bliss (clarinet). American composer Lalo Schifrin was originally slated to compose a triple concerto for trumpet, piano and clarinet. While it is unfortunate that Mr Schifrin is no longer in a position to complete this commission, QSO is excited to be able to feature the work of Australia’s own Matthew Dewey.

Matthew Dewey with world renowned trumpeter James Morrison

Matthew Dewey with world renowned trumpeter James Morrison

It’s a lyrical, diverse program. Dewey has delighted American and Russian audiences with his fresh, yet appealing musical voice. Just as Dewey is a composer who creates tuneful music exploring a variety of styles, Morrison is an exceptional trumpeter and acclaimed multi-instrumentalist who has performed on the saxophone, trombone, tuba and double bass. Bliss is also feted for his versatility. He recently launched A Tribute to Benny Goodman celebrating the life of this ‘King Of Swing’.

Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story Symphonic Dances and Ives’ rich Symphony No.2 infused with borrowed fragments from hymns, folk music, other composers’ repertoire and the pop songs of his day, are an excellent fit in this adventurous, accessible concert. A concert that premieres Dewey’s classical yet jazz-fired language; tailor-made for two extraordinary musicians.

Find out more about the event on the Queensland Symphony Orchestra website.

To purchase tickets, visit the Queensland Performing Arts Centre website.

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Matthew Dewey announced as Senior Music Producer for ABC Classic FM in Sydney

A quick note to pass on that I have been officially named as the new Senior Music Producer for ABC Classic FM in New South Wales, based in Sydney. I look forward to settling into the position with many exciting upcoming projects including regular recordings at the Sydney Opera House.

I am extremely excited and honoured to take up this position.